Ingapirca Ruins

In the Cañar Province in Ecuador, sand locate theIngapirca Ruinsor theIngapirca archaeological site.History says that Alexander Von Humboldt was able to draw them in his diaries, with an oblique shape that confirms it. It is a complex of archaeological Inca origin, located just 42 kilometers from Azogues.

It is a complex that is not missing from the itinerary of locals and foreigners, due to itsInca Culture. In the surroundings there are atypical and curious rocks that until now tend to be a great mystery. The Incas apparently mastered the culture to build walls typical of them facing the sun and tend to be more orderly than any other. It should be noted that it wasCarlos María de la Condomina, a Frenchman, at the beginning of the 18th century who made the first plans for this complex.

The Ruins of Ingapirca are the most preserved according to Alexander von Humboldt

The explorer, geographer and astronomerAlexander von Humboldt, describes in his diary atIngapirca Ruinsas the most preserved. With these ruinsEcuadorIn general, it has the best preservedHistorical Center of Latin America.

Likewise, these peculiar ruins and the Inca roads also had a great impact. These roads made Humboldt arrive at theinca ruins. At that time you could only get to that place by donkey or mule, something that is still done today in other areas of the country.Ecuador.

If you are looking for a larger and more preserved archaeological complex in theEcuador, so heIngapirca Archaeological SiteIt is the first option. It has a height above sea level of 3,160 meters, it is even higher than thecity ​​of Quito.

Walls made of carved stone and the Ingapirca Castle

In the complex you can usually see a large number of walls made of carved stones in which you can see a perfect fit that the Incas made centuries ago. An essential part of this complex is theIngapirca Castlewhich is also referred to asSun Temple.

It is believed that such an archaeological construction was designed for sacred purposes, where they used to pay tribute to the sun and the moon. It is said that the Incas tracked the notion of time, the day, the hour and the time of year, even with the position of the sun they knew what time of year they were traveling.

Cara del Inca Reserve

It refers to a rock formation where it resembles features of a human, this would be the main reason why the Incas decided to build the so-calledSun Temple. As the story goes, the Incas believed thatFace of the IncaHe would protect and watch over them from any evil.

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